Friday, 4 January 2013

As I've said before, the website is probably the single best source of anti-jihad, anti-European Genocide information in Europe. It has significantly influenced the tenour of political debate in France. For that reason, it has come under attack from the powers-that-be. After being questioned numerous times by police, the person believed to be behind the website, Pierre Sautarel, has just received a court summons. What the specific charges are, I don't know. From what I have gathered previously about the legal attacks the website is being subjected to, my impression is that he is being held responsible for some comments left on the website by users.


UPDATE: Yes, it's about comments on the website.


Lord Crusader said...

I am just thinking we all know what is happening the anti christ or beast is propably released from the pits of hell and the end days are coming near. But what do we do? How do we resist? I come from rural ireland there are next to no muslims or browns we have about a black population 1% in my county. looking at Irish politics we a have a conservative (fine gael) and liberal(labour party) in power the conservatives are the majority in govermant. We have thankfully keeped out abortion the church are still strong but mass attendance is falling slowly sadly. So what can I do execpt vote conservative,stay still and pray to God it will stay this way. But I predict in 10 years time the Sinn Fein and the socalists (IRA and far left) will gain power. I am very fearful of the future.

Anonymous said...

The star of David is baals star. Baal is a favorite of luciferians. Baals temple at Baalbek is plastered with those stars, do the maths

Anonymous said...

he is being held responsible for some comments left on the website by users

If that charge is upheld, then politicians who allowed millions of Muslims into the country, should also be held responsible for all acts or criminality or terrorism committed by Muslim immigrants.


Anonymous said...

Lord Crusader wrote: So what can I do except vote conservative,stay still and pray to God it will stay this way.

Yes pray. Without God's help there is no way we can turn back the combined demonic forces of Islam and leftists. It was faith in God that turned back Islam in past centuries, whether in Spain, France, Austria or Malta. Prayer is the fuel that impels action without fear. That is why both these demonic forces fear Christianity.


PS: Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather do your mum, if that's alright with you. As I'm sure that it is.

Anonymous said...

But that would be fair and logical. Two qualities that are absolute anathema to the twisted creatures of the Left.

Diversity Macht Frei


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