Monday, 4 March 2013
"What has significantly changed the current security landscape for Europe and specifically the Netherlands, and potentially increased the risk of attack with biological weapons, is the evolving situation in Syria and the possible loss of control by Bashar al-Assad over his laboratory infrastructure (BW Complex)
Hezbollah and Iran are said to be building a 50,000 strong force to take control of weapon stockpiles should the regime fall.[4] Today Hezbollah is very probably armed with both biological and chemical weapons. Moreover, according to a report by the Atlantic Council, Iran and Hezbollah, it’s Lebanese proxy, are building a network of militias inside Syria to preserve and protect their interests in the event that President Bashar al-Assad’s government falls or is forced to retreat from Damascus.[5] One of those interests is their biological weapons’ program based at the SSRC (Scientific Studies and Research Centre) near Damascus. Understanding the relationship between Syria and Hezbollah is critical to analyzing the threat they pose. Their networks across Europe are extensive, long term and strategic in nature. ...
By Jill Bellamy Van AalstJill Bellamy Van Aalst is an internationally recognized expert on biological warfare and CEO of Warfare Technology Analytics."
Source: Dispatch International (world's best newspaper! get a subscription here. Chief editor is Lars Hedegaard) - not online.


Anonymous said...

Muslims are themselves a biological weapon in Europe
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

It would be a eyeopener to the sheeple, might be needed.

alas said...

One benefit of Muslim colonisation of Europe, where the hell are these terrorists going to attack!? They'lle kill more of their own than the infidel

Anonymous said...

alas: The Jihadists will probably regard any fellow Moslems who die as useful collateral damage and, anyhow, as we see daily from online news reports, Moslems are always killing one another and have been doing so since Mohamed (who had no compunction, either, in destroying mosques or 'believers'). Moslems presently in Europe are already inflicting huge damage on Europeans and their welfare/social benefits funds, increased security costs, overworked health/education services and unnecessary housing being built really for housing more Moslems at taxpayers' expense. Proscription and Deportation, and the latter won't be achievable without some 'collateral damage' on both sides. Sooner, rather than later, to save Europeans and our civilisation.

Diversity Macht Frei



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